You Really Should Do A Road Test, No Matter What

There are a few reasons why people choose not to test a driver applicant before hiring him or her: it takes time, (and time equals money), you might not know HOW to test them, or maybe you don’t have someone TO test them; the biggest one of all could be, depending on interpretation, it might not actually be required!

However, you really should do a road test, no matter what…and I’ll explain why.

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Driver Fitness & Qualification – the Dreaded Driver File

Question: What do the FEDERAL regulations require in a Driver Qualification File?

Answer: It’s really not as scary as it seems.

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Previous Employment Check Q & A

Question: We have a new hire and when verifying his past employment- but one of the employers within the 3 year we are confirming has gone bankrupt and we cannot verify. What do I need to put in the Driver Qualification file? Thanks!

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Recap of the 7 CSA BASICs

Don’t try to read the book (FMCSRs) from cover to cover. (ZZzzzzzzzzz)

Instead, strive to understand each of the seven BASICs and what they require.

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