December 2nd: FMCSA will publish in the Federal Register a Notice & Request for Comment

December 2nd: FMCSA will publish in the Federal Register a Notice & Request for Comment regarding how the agency will handle adjudicated citations within the CSA SMS going forward. Read more of this post

Why are CMV operators complaining about being restricted to less than 14 hours work per day?

My real question is, how many other people (other than truck drivers) DO work more than 14 hours each day?

I cannot tell you how many people have said to me “I just can’t make any money if Read more of this post

You Really Should Do A Road Test, No Matter What

There are a few reasons why people choose not to test a driver applicant before hiring him or her: it takes time, (and time equals money), you might not know HOW to test them, or maybe you don’t have someone TO test them; the biggest one of all could be, depending on interpretation, it might not actually be required!

However, you really should do a road test, no matter what…and I’ll explain why.

First, Read more of this post

The Greatest American Tragedy – Our Society’s Love Affair with Prescription Medicine

The single largest cause of accidental death in the US is misuse of prescription drugs. This has been highlighted recently by the overdoses of multiple high profile celebrities:

Perhaps it’s time we give serious thought to how frequently we use prescription medicines.

As the owner and President of DOT Compliance Help, Inc I help trucking companies and private carriers to understand the FMCSRs and implement necessary safety controls to save lives. One important area of DOT/FMCSA compliance is Read more of this post

For the first time there’s some hard data on the effectiveness of BASIC scores to predict crashes and fatalities

“Arlington, VA – The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) today released a report examining Read more of this post

Hours of Service Questions Re: part-time firefighters, etc.

We recently had a HOS question from a client that we get fairly regularly in one form or another concerning hiring firemen as drivers so I figured I would post it for everyone to see.

QUESTION: We have a part time driver who is also a full time fireman. He works Read more of this post

Drivers are People Too, Not Pinatas

Drivers are People Too, Not Pinatas

I’m sure we’ve all felt this way at some point: Read more of this post

Driver Fitness & Qualification – the Dreaded Driver File

Question: What do the FEDERAL regulations require in a Driver Qualification File?

Answer: It’s really not as scary as it seems.

For each CMV operator Read more of this post

Previous Employment Check Q & A

Question: We have a new hire and when verifying his past employment- but one of the employers within the 3 year we are confirming has gone bankrupt and we cannot verify. What do I need to put in the Driver Qualification file? Thanks!

Answer: there are several things you CAN do and some things you SHOULD do, Read more of this post

Bus Roll-Over Regulation Prediction

Recently, a number of high-profile crashes involving passenger buses have led to finger-pointing regarding the large number of fatalities.
One of the problems is that the National Transportation Safety Board has been calling for at least SOME sort of rollover protection for decades, but the motor coach industry has not taken action.

Now, Congress is pressing the DOT, saying “Why haven’t you solved this problem?” . . . my prediction is, rollover protection and restraints will be mandated for buses before long (3-5 year max. time frame). -Mike