All Drivers Lie on their logs

Some people say “All Truck Drivers Lie on Their Logs” and the sad truth is, far too many of them do.

The reason it happens is not something that’s easy to put a finger on; some say it’s low pay in the industry, some point to the custom of paying drivers by the mile (some say this should be outlawed); others point to any number of issues. Larger companies are more likely to have meaningful controls in this area, not to prevent it, but to control it. Owners of small trucking companies often express they feel they must disregard the requirements of part 395 to be competitive.

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Gripe Sheet

About a month ago I was on the way to Tulsa on a pretty small plane – only about 17 rows of three seats each.

The cabin attendant was courteous and professional – she acted just a bit goofy, but I could tell she was there on a mission far more important than just getting each of us a can of pop.

When the plane was landing, a thin molding where the overhead luggage rack joined the bulkhead on the left popped loose. You know, these little Regional Jets might be 2 or 3 years old or they might be 6-7 years old, and I’ve been flying constantly for more than a year, and this is the first time I ever saw a loose part on one of these planes.

As I was getting off, it was clear they were emptying the plane as quickly as possible to load 40 more people on it to go somewhere else. At first when I hesitated in front of an airline employee on the jetway she almost scolded me, telling me I should keep moving because they had to get the plane back in the air. But, when I said I saw a loose part and wanted to know who to speak to, she directed me to the cockpit.

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Cell phone usage is a sign of the times

Cell phone usage is a sign of the times.

Remember when, if the MRO called to speak with a driver, you had to contact the driver on a radio, have them pull off the road and call the MRO on a payphone?

If that happened today, you would have to tell the driver to pull the truck over and call the MRO on his cell phone. (We wouldn’t want THAT conversation to happen while they are driving… would we?)

Distracted driving is an issue today — no question, there have been fatal accidents caused by drivers who were talking on cell phones. So let’s just write a policy statement that says NO CELL PHONES IN TRUCKS. Problem solved, right? -Hardly. Read more of this post

“Don’t Chew Your Fingernails”

“Don’t Chew Your Fingernails”

I was just thinking about an old friend from the MO National Guard a few days ago. His name was Mike and he was in charge of a construction platoon. He was a skilled plumber and project manager, and I told him I was impressed with his skill set.

“Plumbing is Easy” he said, “there are only a few things you have to remember:”

 – Righty tighty, lefty loosey

– Hot on the left, cold on the right

 – Payday is Friday

 – Don’t chew your fingernails


You know, I thought, this idea of breaking down a process into several simple imperatives can be a valuable tool. Read more of this post

Some DOT investigators go easy on trucking companies – BUT they are not doing you any favors.

Some DOT investigators are too easy on trucking companies – but they are not doing you any favors.

An owner of a small trucking company contacted us this week to get some help with his safety management controls – he knows there are things he needs to do but he hadn’t been doing them.
He is a smart man and he knows his assets are at risk – the DOT can be very thorough and fines get really high, and then there are lawsuits when things go wrong. Read more of this post



The DEA has placed five synthetic cannabinoids into the Controlled Substances Act list of banned substances. These are the chemicals that have been used for a couple years in the preparation of Salvia, a “Synthetic Marijuana” which was largely regarded as a “Legal” substitute.

The reason people said this substance was legal is because it was labeled as incense. So, if you buy it to use as incense, and used it AS incense, you weren’t breaking the law.

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“Here, sign this”: a good safety policy or a waste of paper?

We’ve all heard about the dangers of distracted driving, and we WANT our drivers to stay OFF their phones while behind the wheel. The knee-jerk reaction seems to be, “We’ll make ’em sign a policy stating that they understand it is against company rules to use a cell phone while driving a CMV.”


Ah, there’s the rub.

You can SAY you don’t allow it, but HOW do you stop them from using a cell phone when they are not in your sight? Read more of this post

New info from DEA about medical marijuana

A couple years ago, I read a position paper from the DEA or FDA that said there are only two legal medical uses for pot; they are: Read more of this post