The Greatest American Tragedy – Our Society’s Love Affair with Prescription Medicine

The single largest cause of accidental death in the US is misuse of prescription drugs. This has been highlighted recently by the overdoses of multiple high profile celebrities:

Perhaps it’s time we give serious thought to how frequently we use prescription medicines.

As the owner and President of DOT Compliance Help, Inc I help trucking companies and private carriers to understand the FMCSRs and implement necessary safety controls to save lives. One important area of DOT/FMCSA compliance is Read more of this post

For the first time there’s some hard data on the effectiveness of BASIC scores to predict crashes and fatalities

“Arlington, VA – The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) today released a report examining Read more of this post

“Does anyone know of a good log scanner?”

Recently I was directed to a forum where someone had asked:
“Does anyone know of a good log scanner?”

And I had to be a jerk and question the question. (Agree or disagree, it is food for thought.)

Here is how I answered: Read more of this post

Why a copy of your driver’s CDL isn’t enough

We recently had a client that asked us for some advice and we thought it might be good to share. They realized they didn’t have a driver’s license on file for one of their drivers so they asked him if they could make a copy. He said he had gotten ticket and they had taken his license but he had the ticket… would that work? We suggested Read more of this post

FMCSA Seeks 183% Budget Hike to Increase CSA Enforcement – Market Trends – Automotive Fleet

Could this article be a prediction of more scrutiny to come? Some of these numbers could bode ill.

FMCSA Seeks 183% Budget Hike to Increase CSA Enforcement – Market Trends – Automotive Fleet.

Hours of Service Questions Re: part-time firefighters, etc.

We recently had a HOS question from a client that we get fairly regularly in one form or another concerning hiring firemen as drivers so I figured I would post it for everyone to see.

QUESTION: We have a part time driver who is also a full time fireman. He works Read more of this post

Sun Tzu’s Tale of Three Healers…for today’s safety consultants

Sun Tzu Says. . .

Or, if Sun Tzu were alive today and doing my job. . . Read more of this post

Press Release on ‘Distraction’ Guidelines for Automakers

“U.S. Department of Transportation Proposes ‘Distraction’ Guidelines for Automakers Read more of this post

FMCSA clarifies a couple of rules

The FMCSA has recently clarified a couple of drug & alcohol -related regulations in the article below.

Smoking pot nearly doubles risk of serious crash

Remember memorizing these math equations?

E=Mc squared

A squared + B squared = C squared

Well, here’s a new one to add:

Smoking Pot = Risk of a Serious Crash TIMES TWO

Can’t say it’s surprising, but this is an interesting article none-the-less.  Read more of this post