Prosthetic Arm Medical Waiver Question

We recently had a fellow on Facebook post this question to us: 

Can anyone help me on getting a waiver for the SPE certificate in the state of Indiana ? I lost my left arm & the DOT did not like my prosthetic arm.

BLUF: Go to the FMCSA website and download the forms to try and get an SPE (Medical waiver)

Interesting question.

First: the question is a bad one, in the sense that he is asking for a INDIANA-specific solution to a FEDERAL DOT problem.

The problem is, he is not medically qualified to operate a CMV (Including one greater than 10,000 GVWR) in INTERState commerce.

The state of INDIANA might have a different standard, but the first question is about the FEDERal MEDICal standard.

This person is NOT PHYSICALLY MEDICALLY qualified to operate a CMV in Interstate commerce.

But, he MAY Be  qualified if he gets a SPE.

Here is the web address to download the forms to get an SPE

An exemption must be on Federal DOT letterhead, and can only be signed by the assistant state district administrator.

Separate question for operating a CMV ONLY in Indiana:

It looks like there is no difference, based on this:

What are the minimum qualifications to drive?

You may operate a CMV intrastate (travels only in Indiana) at 18 years of age; however, all drivers must meet the

qualifications outlined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Interstate (travels in more than one

state) drivers must be at least 21 years of age.

Must I carry proof that I am physically qualified to drive?

Yes, you are required to carry a current, valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

Intrastate carriers are also subject to these requirements, with the exception of intrastate drivers hired before

Sept. 1, 1985, who are operating incidental to normal employment duties and are not employed as a chauffeur. A

person shall not drive a commercial motor vehicle unless he/she is physically qualifi ed to do so and has on his/

her person the original, or a photographic copy, of a Medical Examiner’s Certifi cate confi rming that he/she is

physically qualifi ed to drive a CMV.

This is in the state ETA – if you would like the state ETA for Indiana I’ll be happy to send it to you.

But I’m not completely sure there is not a separate medical standard for the INTRAstate motor carrier in Indiana:

I think Indiana also allows for insulin-dependant diabetics.

So as nearly as I can tell, to operate a CMV in INTRAstate commerce in Indiana, you have to be qualified for INTERstate commerce with the possible exception of the  whole insulin-dependent diabetic thing.

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