PSP Reports Stats showing benefits of use

Here at DOT Compliance Help, Inc., we recommend the use of the DOT’s PSP reporting system. It is not required, but we’ve found it incredibly useful with driver hiring. Now, they have some statistical results to back up our feelings (sent to us by the PSP Customer Service Team):

As a PSP account holder, we thought you might be interested in a recent Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) study that demonstrates the positive impact PSP is having on participating motor carriers’ operations.

Some highlights include:

•         8% decline in crash rates, on average, for participating motor carriers!

•         On average, crash rates declined even more significantly for mid-size motor carriers – 20.6% for motor carriers with between 6 and 20 drivers, and 21.1% motor carriers with 21-100 drivers.

•         Out of Service (OOS) rates dropped, on average, 17.2% for motor carriers participating in PSP.

The study examined data from 12 months prior to the PSP launch in May 2010, and the 12 months following the launch of the PSP.  The complete study is available at

Do any of you utilize PSP? Do these stats make you consider using it in the future? If you have any questions about using PSP, feel free to give us a call!

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