Why are CMV operators complaining about being restricted to less than 14 hours work per day?

My real question is, how many other people (other than truck drivers) DO work more than 14 hours each day?

I cannot tell you how many people have said to me “I just can’t make any money if I have to follow these rules!” or “We might as well just park all these trucks and go to Disneyland!”.

These complaints grow into conspiracies like, ‘The government is trying to regulate us out of a living!”

You know, all my life I’ve worked what most people think is a lot.
My dad used to jokingly say, “No one should work more than a half day, every day. Whether you decide to work the first 12 hours or the other 12 hours is up to you, but 12 hours a day is ENOUGH.”

I was working as a dispatcher once, and agreed to work from 6 pm to 6 am for 6 days/ week, for a little more than 6 months. That’s enough, damn it.

If you cannot make enough money in 14 hours to take care of your basic needs, either your basic needs need some rethinking, or you need to make more money per hour/day/mile.

Why should truck drivers have to work and/or drive more than 14 hours per day to make a living? How many others work these kinds of long hours, and work such dangerous jobs?

If you plan to work 10-12 hours, and plan to drive 9 or 10, and something does goes wrong (some traffic, bad weather, etc.), you can still finish within the limits set by the DOT.

The 14-hour limit makes sense to me. The half-hour off rule makes sense also.
Now, what truck drivers need more of are places to stop when they need to stop, whether they are stopping because they NEED to stop or because they WANT to stop.

The trouble is, too many people assume perfect conditions in planning, and then when something goes wrong the truck driver is expected to make up the delay by lying on his logs.
As an industry, we need to stop doing this.

As an industry, we need to stop lying to ourselves. It’s not news: no driver, commercial or not,  averages exactly 70 MPH for 12 hours straight when the speed limit is 70 MPH.

I think it’s time we all step back and look at this question.

Just my 2 cents worth.

-Mike England

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