“Does anyone know of a good log scanner?”

Recently I was directed to a forum where someone had asked:
“Does anyone know of a good log scanner?”

And I had to be a jerk and question the question. (Agree or disagree, it is food for thought.)

Here is how I answered:

We have a scanner in our office we use to scan a number of things, including sometimes driver’s logs.

It’s an Epson GT-550 and I would recommend it to anyone.  Sadly, though, I don’t think this is what you are asking for.

Do you want a scanner that audits logs?

That would mean a scanner AND a program containing an algorithm meant to check for HOS violations.
Everyone I’ve ever seen that tried to outsource this function ended up gaming the system.  This includes people who bought a computer program to do this.

The purpose of using a computer algorithm is to make your job easier. When you use a “Log Scanner” it highlights apparent 11, 14, and 70-hour violations, missing logs and a few F & M violations.

The real problem, and the real reason to audit logs, is to look for falsification, and no one ever gives the computer program or the outside log auditing service enough info to actually catch it.
In fact, the final outcome of using these devices is to ENCOURAGE drivers to falsify their logs.

So I never recommend using a log-scanning computer program.

You need to learn what to look for, and audit your own logs.

So here is my input –

1. Use a good-quality color scanner like the one we have and change the paper logs into digital info.

2. Whether you audit them first or later, or sample them instead of auditing every page, it takes a trained safety person to properly audit drivers logs – so get some training.

(Or, do some research about getting an automatic on-board recorder.)

If you choose well, and if you implement the process properly, this effectively does away with log-auditing as we know it.

Then you can move on to retraining and reinforcement.

Just my two cents. – Mike

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2 Responses to “Does anyone know of a good log scanner?”

  1. Tera Calvin says:

    Mike, If i enter my driver’s logs onto JJ. Keller Log Checker do i need to keep the hard copy of the logs? Another question, do I delete the logs on Log Checker after 6 months as well??
    Tera Calvin
    Six Gun Hotshot, LLC.
    Dickinson, ND

    • Hi Tera-
      Mike is working on a response for you – he has been in and out of town recently. We’ll get you a response and post it here, and e-mail it to you (by the way, thanks for signing up for our DQ Packet Tutorial!)

      -Kim Gurga
      DOT Compliance Help, Inc.
      Administrative Assistant

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