Why a copy of your driver’s CDL isn’t enough

We recently had a client that asked us for some advice and we thought it might be good to share. They realized they didn’t have a driver’s license on file for one of their drivers so they asked him if they could make a copy. He said he had gotten ticket and they had taken his license but he had the ticket… would that work? We suggested it might be a good idea to run an MVR. The next day, our client called back thanking us for that piece of advice. It turns out, his license was actually suspended.

The underlying lesson in this case is this… it’s not the license that proves a driver is qualified; it’s the MVR. Licenses and CDLs have expirations dates of 4 to 8 years now, but a lot of things can cause a license to be suspended. The DOT Minimum is once per year (hence the term ANNUAL Review), but we always suggest performing annual reviews every 6 months. And it’s not just ‘running the license’ – it’s a 3-part process. All three parts are important.

But the original issue was either (a) the person entrusted to prepare and maintain the DQ files was not fully trained or (b) the company was behind on their basic administrative requirements. In either case, no one really knew if the guy was qualified or not, they were just looking to get a copy of the license for a DQ file.

If you find yourself behind in this (or any other area for that matter), just do your best to get it right TODAY. Get some training to help ensure you understand the DQ process fully and understand WHY it is important. Chances are, if you do the right thing now, and keep doing it, you will compile enough evidence of compliance before the DOT comes to call. So don’t let prior mistakes or oversights keep you from doing the right thing today.

About DOT Compliance Help Inc
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