Hours of Service Regulation Held Up

One of my most trusted industry colleagues predicted this more than 6 months ago:

Some say the FMCSA has buckled to political pressure.

The agency was supposed to release the proposed new HOS regulation a couple days ago and it got held up.

This was no surprise – they have signaled that they were going to miss the deadline.

Perhaps the surprise for some is that they are now saying they want to reduce driving hours from 11 to 10

For YEARs this agency has said there is “NO Scientific evidence” of an increase in accidents or fatalities as a result of moving from 10 to 11 driving hours.

But now for  no stated reason, the FMCSA has said, as an agency, it “currently favors” the reduced change in driving hours.


The motor carrier industry – through the ATA – has made it pretty clear they are NOT on-board with this proposal.

As always, making law is like making sausage – sometimes you don’t want to know what goes in.

But we are all waiting to see what comes out.


The other two major proposals in this new HOS rule are not quite as controversial, but the ATA has come out against ALL three measures.

One is a requirement for at least one hour off-duty during the 14-hour duty day

The other is a change to the 34-hour rule. It is still a 34-hour restart, but it would have to include two consecutive periods between midnite and 6 am.


MAYBE we will have a pleasant surprise when the announcement is made public on November 28. Or, maybe it won’t be so pleasant.

My money is on the ATA to sue the FMCSA to reverse it if this happens.


I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe some older, wiser friends of mine who say there are certain groups who are pushing this initiative – it is not about safety.

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