On Monday, the Illinois Secretary of State began sending letters to all 400,000 CDL holders in the State of Illinois which drivers began receiving this week.
The letter details the new federal requirement for DOT Medical Cards to be tied to an interstate driver’s Commercial Drivers License.  The new regulation is a federal requirement under Title 49, USDOT CFR Part 383, 384, 390, and 391.
Because the new law is a federal regulation and applies only to drivers engaged in interstate commerce, beginning January 30, 2012 the Illinois Secretary of State will require anyone applying for a new CDL or renewing an existing CDL to declare one of four types of driving they are engaged in: Non-excepted Interstate, Excepted Interstate, Non-excepted Intrastate, or Excepted Intrastate.
Any driver that declares the first category, Non-excepted Interstate, will be required to provide an original copy of the medical examiners’ certificate to any of the 47 Secretary of State’s Commercial Driver’s License Facilities by January 30, 2014.

For a copy of the letter or for more information on the driver classifications please call 847-836-6063 or e-mail

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  1. Dexter Lathan says:

    Does this cost anything?

    • There is always a cost to renew your license, and also to get a medical card (whether the company pays or the driver pays). These costs will remain the same as before. The only thing extra they will be requiring is that the driver show the medical card he already has when he is renewing his license.
      Hope this answers your question!

  2. Cayla Hartman says:

    Many states now require the Medical information to be sent to them. AZ and IN have fax numbers to send the information in to. Does anyone have one for Illinois?

    • Hi Cayla-
      We actually have a link on our website that will take you to a spreadsheet of the different states, and the information for each state that is available concerning the medical qualification card merging with CDLs.

      Use the link above, and in the left-hand column, there is a section called ‘State-by-State Instructions’ for the spreadsheet. Above that section is another section, ‘Med Cert Regs for CDLs’, that you can also use for reference regarding these changes.

      Let us know if you have any other questions! You can call us at 847-836-6063 or visit for more information. Have a safe day!

  3. Diana says:

    We are in CA, and when a Medical Card is up for renewal here, the Drivers usually take it in personally to the Dept of Motor Vehicles once it is renewed. Will the Drivers have to do anything different now?

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