Should EOBRs Be Mandated?

Someone asked me something about whether EOBRs should be mandated a few days ago.


I don’t know if I believe EOBRs should be mandated. That doesn’t matter. I believe they WILL be mandated.

But, in the meantime, I think it would be great to be able to say goodbye to paper logs and purchase an EOBR.

But the people that said they could make them for $400 – $500 are deliberately holding them off the market.

I am all about free choice and free markets; if you invented something and you don’t want to sell it, that’s fine.


My great great Uncle Ted had a business model that was kind of like this:

He had success selling wooden wheels, and when one of his employees brought him an invention called a “rubber tire”, he decided not to market it – seems there was a lot of money to be made selling wooden wheels, and he didn’t want to change. That was his choice, and no one should have the power to force him to sell rubber tires.


Now, the public heard about these “rubber tires” and thought it would be a good idea to put them on their cars, so there was some interest in them. Instead of taking a chance losing out the competition, Great Uncle Ted instructed his sales reps to tell everyone his wooden wheels were, indeed,  rubber tires, when in fact all the rubber tires in the world were locked up securely in his warehouse. But he didn’t really SAY he was selling rubber tires. It was his commissioned sales people that said that.


It was a sort of two-pronged approach; he sent the sales reps out with some talking points about how wooden wheels were better than rubber ones, but ultimately he didn’t care what the sales reps said, as long as they sold wooden wheels. And, he told them, sort of quietly before tape recorders were invented and when there was no one around to overhear, that “If you TELL people this IS a rubber tire, it might help you sell more.”


Then, my great great Grandfather Earl stood up at a family gathering and declared his brother Ted a liar. “Ted” He said “You are a liar and you are lying to everyone about wooden tires. If you want to sell wooden tires then sell wooden tires, but you should stop telling people they are rubber tires.”


I guess if you want to invest a lot of money trying to convince people they don’t WANT an EOBR, or a rubber tire, but instead they should buy more-expensive fleet management systems, (or the wooden wheel) that’s a legitimate business decision. But, when your sales reps go out and tell people “Buy this EOBR instead of our competitor’s EOBRs” they are a bunch of liars.

I don’t think the manufacturers are printing advertisements that say “Buy  our EOBRs” but the sales reps for all those big companies are doing it.

Sure as my great great Uncle Ted stepped over the line, these people  stepped over the line a long time ago.

Someone needs to step up and say “Stop saying you are selling EOBRs, until you start selling EOBRs.”

It runs in the family.



Mike “If they want rubber tires, sell them rubber tires” England

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