Previous Employment Check Q & A

Question: We have a new hire and when verifying his past employment- but one of the employers within the 3 year we are confirming has gone bankrupt and we cannot verify. What do I need to put in the Driver Qualification file? Thanks!

Answer: there are several things you CAN do and some things you SHOULD do, but very little you MUST do. The DOT is really trying to get companies to find out about people BEFORE they make a hiring decision. If you want to know what the driver has done, (just in case it is not the same as what he/she SAYS they did), you can:
Run a credit check – That might tell you who he worked for.
Pull the PSP report – Then you will know if he has a bad reputation with the DOT already (you don’t want that).
Talk to someone, or attempt to talk to someone, he used to work for – Was he working for a trucking company? Who did he haul for? Who (not what company) did he report to? Can you contact that person?

In other words, I am sometimes skeptical of drivers who tell me everyone they have ever worked for is now out of business. In more than a few cases, I have learned later the driver did not exactly tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If you personally know them, and know they are not hiding anything or misrepresenting anything, then it is just a matter of ‘checking the boxes’ but if you have not lived across the street from them continuously for the past 3 years, there are a number of things they MIGHT have done previously that can come back to haunt you as the employing motor carrier. If you have already made a hiring decision, and you only want to do the absolute MINIMUM the DOT requires, you can send a letter to the last known address, look up a phone and FAX number and “make an honest effort” to contact a previous employer. As long as you make, and can document having made three honest attempts, you are off the hook.

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