The DEA has placed five synthetic cannabinoids into the Controlled Substances Act list of banned substances. These are the chemicals that have been used for a couple years in the preparation of Salvia, a “Synthetic Marijuana” which was largely regarded as a “Legal” substitute.

The reason people said this substance was legal is because it was labeled as incense. So, if you buy it to use as incense, and used it AS incense, you weren’t breaking the law.

HOWEVER, if you buy it and roll it into a cigarette and smoke it, it is ALWAYS against the law.

Now it is against the law to have, possess, transport, distribute, buy, sell, manufacture, etc… any synthetic cannabinoids. Basically, if you touch this stuff, you are in violation of a federal law.

By the way, that is still a true statement with regard to regular marijuana too. (But that’s another discussion.)

This action was taken because people using the “legal” substitute were showing up in emergency rooms at an alarming rate, in respiratory distress or after being involved in some catastrophic accident as a result of the extreme effect of this substance.

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